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Welcome to the INR tool box that presents a list of Sustainable IT tools. Our goal for 2022 is to optimize this list: to improve the methodology for selecting tools and to cover all Sustainable IT themes.

If you have any suggestions for Sustainable IT tools or would like to get involved with us to help us optimize the toolbox, please write to us: outils-nr [@]


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WeNR is the new tool for measuring the footprint of the Information System of organizations. This tool should allow any structure to understand where the impacts lie and to measure their level of sustainable digital maturity, based on the People-Planet-Prosperity triptych.

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Green web foundation

This service informs you if the hosting of the DataCenter used for your website uses green energy

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PowerAPI is a middleware toolkit for creating software-defined power meters. Software-defined power meters are configurable software libraries that can estimate software power consumption in real time. PowerAPI supports the acquisition of raw metrics from a wide variety of sensors (e.g. physical meters, processor interfaces, hardware counters, OS counters) and the provision of power consumption through different channels (including file system, network, web, graphics). As a middleware toolkit, PowerAPI offers the ability to assemble “à la carte” power meters to meet user needs.




Anatomy of a cew

Anatomy of AI systems through interactive maps that can be used as a reference in the case of the measurement and or the LCA of an AI