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Welcome to the INR tool box that presents a list of Sustainable IT tools. Our goal for 2022 is to optimize this list: to improve the methodology for selecting tools and to cover all Sustainable IT themes.

If you have any suggestions for Sustainable IT tools or would like to get involved with us to help us optimize the toolbox, please write to us: outils-nr [@]


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Tool to check the foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements and determine if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by a person with disabilities to visualize all of the elements. colors.





This tool / this site offers site rankings according to criteria of performance, SEO, security and good practices. Lowtus does not try to say which site is better than another; who has a good site and who has a bad site. Lowtus tests web pages, but does not present fine indicators that would allow a one-off quality improvement process to be initiated. Lowtus does not have a business model or profitability objective. Its objective is above all to present a different approach to control the quality of web pages. Lowtus is not versed in free, not necessarily out of discretion, but because the code remains very specific for the moment. We need to sit down the architecture to see how to eventually free some bricks from it.





Cookieviz is a dataviz tool offered by the CNIL which allows you to monitor in real time the tracking of your navigation

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