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Welcome to the INR tool box that presents a list of Sustainable IT tools. Our goal for 2022 is to optimize this list: to improve the methodology for selecting tools and to cover all Sustainable IT themes.

If you have any suggestions for Sustainable IT tools or would like to get involved with us to help us optimize the toolbox, please write to us: outils-nr [@]


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Datacenter kpis

Energy and environmental performance indicators for data centers.

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Boavizta calculation footprint manufacturing server

Study proposal to assess the footprint of the manufacturing of a server, beyond greenhouse gas emissions

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Monitor axis

ax Monitor® is an enterprise-level analysis and reporting tool that can assess the web accessibility of entire websites, including password-protected areas. ax Monitor can implement use case scripts, allow custom reporting options based on WCAG or Section 508 guidelines, and enable scheduled accessibility monitoring on projects of any size or complexity. It is designed to work with the ax DevTools browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. There is an API version of Ax Monitor

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The sdgs are not complicated

Reconciling commitments and economic performance is possible, it is even a source of opportunities and it is a necessity for your performance to be sustainable. Discover in a simple and fun way through 7 short video sketches the strong links between your business challenges and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

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Front end

Speed ​​insights page

Allows you to improve the loading speed of your pages on all devices.

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